1-Day Courses

  • A Taste of Italy

    £135.00 4 hours 30 minutes

    Immerse yourself in Italian flavours and master focaccia, risotto & pasta making in a fun, hands-on course!

    • Learn from visiting Italian Chef Stefano & create delicious traditional dishes.
    • Master essential skills to impress friends & family with authentic Italian cuisine.
    • Enjoy a hands-on experience in our fully equipped kitchen amidst Surrey Hills charm.
    • Learn the basics of Italian food.
    • Ideal for a beginner.
  • Basic Knife Skills

    £120.00 4 hours

    Enjoy 10% off this course for July 16th by using code: july10

    Sharpen Your Skills and Conquer the Kitchen. Learn how to handle a knife properly and safely.

    •  Learn safe and confident knife techniques with expert chefs.
    •  Conquer chopping, dicing, slicing, filleting, pin boning, and deboning.
    • Prepare a delicious 2-course meal to take home (containers required!).
  • British Game Cookery Course

    £195.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Game season is about to get into full swing and we can’t wait! We are surrounded by excellent local suppliers of quality game. Open to cooks of all abilities.
    This course will be taking place in the Autumn/Winter months - dates to be confirmed.
  • Butchery Course: The Basics

    £190.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Our basic butchery skills course will give you the confidence to not only cook meat beautifully but also experiment with different cuts of meat. Learn how and when to use specific cuts. Become equipped with a range of basic butchery skills.
    This course will be taking place in the Autumn/Winter months (final course for the winter is 28th February 2024) More dates to follow in September 2024.
  • If you are looking to up your game in the kitchen, then this is the cooking course for you. Our chefs come with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
    • Take your cooking skills to restaurant-quality standards.
    • Learn to plate and present dishes that impress.
    • Craft mouthwatering menus for unforgettable dinner parties.
  • Christmas Bread Making & Baking

    £165.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Do you want to bring a bit of magic to your table this Christmas? Then come along to our Christmas bread making and baking course to create some showstoppers. Learn different techniques and methods. Impress your friends and family.
  • Christmas Canapes

    £150.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Be a master canapé maker and wow all your guests. Leave people wanting more.
  • Cooking with Confidence

    £165.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Why not join us to learn about a range of delectable and simple recipes? Along with teaching you culinary skills, our seasoned chefs will also mentor you in keeping calm and gaining confidence in the kitchen.
    • Master the basics and learn fundamental knife skills, sauces, sides & how to handle meat/fish.
    •  Gain confidence in the kitchen with expert guidance.
    •  Cook delicious meals to delight family & friends (after all, you'll be a pro!).
  • Fish & Seafood Cookery Course

    £190.00 5 hours 45 minutes

    Enjoy 10% off this course for July 19th by using code: july10

    Learn how to select and buy quality fish. Discover classic flavours and recipes to wow your dinner party guests.
  • Indian Cookery with Hari Ghotra

    £190.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    We are delighted to have Hari Ghotra teaching Indian cookery classes at The Abinger. Go on a 'tasting tour' of India. Indian for Everyone by Hari Ghotra provides 100 easy, healthy dishes the whole family will love and is available to purchase through Hari's website here.
  • Introduction to Sourdough

    £185.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Learn the art of Sourdough with our master baker, Jacqui O'Shea who brings to the table her extensive knowledge of bread. Jacqui has gained valuable skills and knowledge while baking with Richard Bertinet. Our first course will take place on Saturday 24th February 2024.
  • Italian Masterclass

    £185.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Tuscany, Florence, Milan, Amalfi, Sicily? Who doesn’t love a holiday in Italy? Now you can learn how to recreate those delicious dishes at home so you will always feel like you're on an Italian holiday! This class will take you on a journey around Italy and Sicily. Learn the different techniques of Italian food.
  • Japanese Ramen and Gyoza

    £185.00 5 hours 45 minutes

    Enjoy 10% off this course for July 18th by using code: july10

    Learn how to make Japanese Ramen and Gyoza Ideal for a beginner.
  • Macaron Making

    £100.00 3 hours
    Create the ultimate sweet treat.
  • Pasta and Sauces

    £165.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Our chef Jake will teach you all about his true passion – Italian cooking and, primarily, pasta. Join us for a masterclass in pasta making and be prepared for a hands-on and fun class.
  • Pickling and Fermenting x Willys ACV

    £185.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    An exciting collaboration with Willys ACV. Fermentation is the magical process of transforming a food product into something tastier, longer lasting and better for our health. It’s no coincidence that many of our favourite foods are made using fermentation techniques. Wine, cheese, beer and bread all contain complex flavour profiles which stimulate our palates and leave us wanting more. Fermenting at home allows us to experiment with these interesting flavours as well as preserving waste food and boosting our gut health. It’s no wonder fermentation is fast becoming a popular new hobby for food lovers.
  • Plant-Based Cookery Course

    £165.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Our Plant Based Cookery Course will teach you how to prepare and cook an exciting range of nutritious and healthy vegetarian dishes. All the necessary ingredients and equipment are provided.
  • Simply Bread

    £165.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    Have you ever wanted to learn to make your own bread and fill your kitchen with that fresh bread smell? This one-day course teaches you the basics of how to make that perfect loaf. Learn the tricks of the trade. Learn the basics.
  • Sushi Making

    £100.00 3 hours
    Learn different techniques and methods. Impress your friends and family.
  • Thai Cookery Course

    £165.00 5 hours 45 minutes

    Enjoy 10% off this course for July 17th by using code: july10

    Aromatic, lightly-prepared dishes are the signatures of Thai cuisine. No wonder it is so popular here – learn how to create authentic, aromatic Thai dishes using authentic ingredients. Learn how to make your very own green and red curry pastes.
  • The Perfect Roast

    £190.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    It doesn’t get more British than a roast on a Sunday, and now you can learn how the professionals do it! A step by step on how to make the most delicious Sunday roast. Please note this course runs in the Autumn/Winter months - Last course for winter is 8th March 2024 - more dates to come from September 2024.
  • The Principles of Baking

    £165.00 5 hours 45 minutes
    An opportunity to learn essential methods of cake making and baking along with more advanced techniques. Cover basic cake batters, vegetable-based cakes, sweet pastry, choux pastry and tart making.
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