The COOK EXPERT is an all-in-one appliance able to produce a vast range of dishes, from starters to desserts, to feed between 2-12 people. It can chop, slice, grate, steam, sear, brown, simmer, stir, blend and knead. It is engineered to combine the functions of a stand mixer, food processor, blender, two-layered steamer, slow-cooker, soup maker, warming and proving oven and digital scales, alongside an auto-rinse programme to make speedy work of clearing up.

Featuring the full functionality of the award-winning Magimix Food Processor with its unique 3 in 1 bowl, for grating, mincing and chopping, new innovations comprise a stainless steel dual walled Thermo Bowl to cook and keep food warm for up to 2 hours, a Simmer & Stir function for ‘hands free’ slow cooking up to 4 hours, and Smart Induction feature for cooking up to 160° and intelligent temperature control.

The COOK EXPERT incorporates the following:

Cook: Perfect cooking from 30°C to 160°C
Bake: Everything that is needed for prepping excellent homemade bread and pastry
Food Processor: Professionally grate, chop and slice
Steam: High steaming capacity to preserve flavour and nutrients
Blender: Frozen desserts, smoothies or cocktails
Expert: Be in charge with the Expert programme. This manual mode allows you to tailor the time, speed and temperature (to the nearest degree).

Cook Expert: The Basics, in conjunction with Magimix UK

Do you want to learn more about the Cook Expert, what it does, how it can save you time and how easy it is to use?

Join us for a 4-hour course to learn the basics. You will be taught in pairs how to use the settings, the different methods and learn just how much the Cook Expert can really do!  Whether you are a busy mum or dad with little time or someone who works long hours who does not want to be preparing for hours when they get home or even a first-time mum weaning a new baby… look no further, the Cook Expert is perfect for you!

…and should you wish to purchase a Cook Expert at the end of the course, Magimix UK will give you a 15% discount code to use towards one of the machines

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