DeliVita Wood Fired Ovens

The delight of a wood-fired oven brings a unique charm to cooking, transforming simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces. The DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven, inspired by Italy and made in Yorkshire, are about to redefine your cooking experience. These ovens combine great design and modern technology. They are versatile and can be used not just as outdoor pizza ovens but also as wood-fired, cooking meat, fish, vegetables, and delicious desserts.

This summer 2024, we will be offering a range of culinary courses that promise to enrich your skills and tantalise your taste buds, all within the serene beauty of The Surrey Hills. In partnership with DeliVita, The Abinger Cookery School will teach you how to light and maintain fire and temperature control, and you will learn a variety of cooking techniques. The best part is that you’ll get to sample the delicious food cooked in the clay oven.

We are excited to bring these courses to our cookery school garden, the perfect setting for spring and summer delights with friends, family and colleagues.