Human beings have loved cooking over flames for hundreds of thousands of years.

The discovery of fire cooking was a critical evolutionary advantage for our earliest ancestors. Cooking meat increased food efficiency, supported brain growth and cultivated social development as people gathered to hunt, prepare and eat their meals together.

Indigenous people of the Caribbean are credited with the first use of barbecues to preserve meat. The first Spanish conquistadors to arrive in the region found that native cooks would smoke their food to keep bugs at bay as it dried in the sun, allowing it to keep for longer. Later in history, slow cooking meat over fire was common in enslaved or low-income communities, as people looked for ways to tenderise low-quality cuts.

Since then, various barbecue techniques have been embraced worldwide. Barbecue food is a staple of American cuisine — especially in the southern states, where the outdoor grill is steeped in tradition and culture. And our US-based friends are not alone in this; if there’s one thing British people love come summertime, it’s gathering in gardens for a BBQ!

So, if you’d like to learn more about what you can achieve with your barbecue, join us for a Weber Grill Academy tutorial and learn to assemble mouth-watering meals that bring everything — and everyone — together.

Cooking with gas: ignite your passion for fire cooking

There’s nothing special about a barbecue party that offers only a bland, overcooked selection of the same chargrilled fare you’ve had time and time again. So, suppose you’d like to try something new that’ll impress your friends. In that case, we’ve got several dynamic courses that’ll equip you with the skills to deliver exciting dishes using ingredients that are perfectly complemented by the smoky flavours of the grill.

Whether you want to nail the barbecue classics or try something new entirely, our Weber BBQ courses are suitable for cooks of all experience levels. We’ll show you how to navigate your grill like a pro and prepare creative, well-balanced meals using state-of-the-art Weber equipment.

Barbecuing can be intimidating for some, but it’s surprisingly easy to elevate your grilling skills with a few simple methods. We’re running a Weber Essentials II course, which guides you through the basics of barbecue cooking with hands-on demonstrations. By the end of the day, you’ll know how to make an elegant grilled feast, including pancetta-wrapped green beans, sticky pear and cardamom tart Tatin and even an entire slow-cooked lamb shoulder marinated in yoghurt and cumin.

On our American BBQ course, trained chefs will show you how to recreate the classic American smokehouse cuisine at home, including low ‘n’ slow-smoked brisket, homemade hickory-smoked barbecue sauce and indulgent bacon chocolate brownies. You can also discover the difference between cooking on charcoal and gas at the Weber Grill Academy, as well as the benefits of infusing your food using the latest smoking techniques, and learn how to safely and effectively get the most out of your grill.

Feed the flames: give the gift of grilling

Many people relish eating outdoors, immersing themselves in nature whilst combining food with fire and connecting with friends and family. Plus, some consider food to be the language of love, and sharing food is proven to play an intrinsic part in nourishing relationships. So, if you’re looking for a unique and memorable gift for an anniversary or a birthday celebration for a friend or special someone, look no further than our selection of Weber BBQ cooking courses.

Grilling and barbecuing is known to be popular among men, making one of these classes an excellent choice for those partners, friends or relatives that are notoriously difficult to buy for. And despite the common association with men and barbecues, it’s likely the first pitmasters were women! Anyone who loves fresh, succulent food will love this simple but effective cooking style, making these courses a brilliant activity to share with any food-lovers in your life.

The Abinger Cookery School is keen to prove that barbecuing shouldn’t just be reserved for the warmer months. With the right techniques and proper preparation, you can enjoy delicious meals straight from the flames all year round — even during the festive season! We can teach you how to cook a huge variety of dishes using just your grill and some high-quality ingredients. And thanks to our new pergola kitchen, you can experience an authentic outdoor cooking experience in comfort come rain or shine!

Our gift vouchers are redeemable for all our Weber Grill Academy courses. So, if you’d like to treat your loved ones to a cooking class of their choosing, simply purchase a gift voucher of any value and allow them to take their pick of the wonderful selection of courses we have on offer.