Street food has a long and winding history that stems back many civilisations…

In fact, it’s believed it dates back all the way to the Ancient Greeks when street vendors sold small portions of fried fish!

Now, street food is well renowned for being at the forefront of food innovation, and its transient nature means it can keep up with ever-changing consumer demand for exciting new textures and flavours.

The rising popularity of street food

What comes to mind when you think of classic street food?

Most of us count on local vendors and food markets for affordable, healthy meals that give us a chance to explore different cultures and cuisines — so it’s no wonder they’re getting more and more popular around the world.

Looking for an on-the-go lunch or dinner? Street food is made to order, so you can expect to enjoy the freshest (and often unique) ingredients. It’s also reassuring to know that, usually, the owner is the one cooking your grub — so you’re more likely to get consistent quality.

Half the fun of authentic street food is the casual experience of it all — stumbling upon new vendors who cook with the roots of their culture or visiting the same food market every week for your favourite local treats. Rather than ordering a picture-perfect meal from a curated restaurant menu, foodies can watch their dinner cooking before their eyes, each plate bursting with flavour.

Wish you could relive that experience from your very own kitchen? Our street food course was so popular that we thought we’d turn up the heat and expand our selection…

Asian street food 

Asian street food has struck a gastronomic chord with food lovers — especially in recent years — with restaurants, stalls and takeaways popping up all over the UK.

Why? There’s something for everyone!

Street food in Asia is colourful, tasty and varied; sometimes sharp, saucy or spicy. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are looking for more of a savoury sensation, it won’t take long to find a dish that’ll excite your tastebuds…

Ready to find out for yourself?

On our Asian Street Food: Evening course, you’ll make and take a variety of dishes, such as deliciously messy Korean chicken wings (veggie options available), summer rolls with a tasty dipping sauce and sticky miso-roasted aubergine bao buns.​

Mexican street food

Do you know the history of Mexican street food?

Historians point to pre-Hispanic ‘tianguis’ (travelling markets) as the root of customary street dining. Since then, the demand for quick, affordable homemade flavours has made food stalls and street vendors a mainstay of Mexican cuisine.

Mexico is a haven for foodies who like to try new (and preferably spicy) things — and you can get a taste of the cuisine from the heart of the Surrey Hills…

Our Mexican Street Food: Evening course will have guests cooking up a storm, from a zesty ceviche appetiser with sweet pineapple salsa and fresh tortillas to mouthwatering pulled pork tostadas (meat-free options available).

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a novice in the kitchen, our new street food courses are a fun and interesting way to brush up on your skills — or learn new ones! Our talented chefs will guide you through the processes and teach you all you need to know to make these tasty foods at home. And the cherry on top? Both classes include an ice-cold beer (for the full experience, of course)…

Ready to be transported around the world with each tantalising bite?

Add some excitement to your everyday dining with our shiny new street food courses — available to book online now! Looking for more foodie inspiration? Feel free to browse our many cooking classes and contact the team with any questions at [email protected].