We firmly believe that anyone can be an excellent cook with a bit of enthusiasm and encouragement. But before you start getting creative in the kitchen, it’s always a good idea to ensure you’ve got the basics down. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Here at the Abinger Cookery School, we’re passionate about creating inspiring, dynamic cooking classes for our guests. From experimenting with new techniques to exploring the wonders of different regional cuisines, our wide selection of cookery courses are designed to spark imagination and give students the confidence to step out of their culinary comfort zone.

So, we invite people of all skill levels to join us in the kitchen, roll up their sleeves and experience a truly hands-on approach to learning about food.

For the beginners

Our range of beginner-friendly courses is ideal for anyone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals of cooking and gain valuable confidence in their abilities. From practising basic knife skills to learning how to properly poach an egg in our ultimate ‘how-to’ one and two-day basics classes, it’s never too early — or too late! — to nail some of these essential skills.

Many of our courses are well suited to students preparing for university or heading abroad to work as chalet hosts at a ski resort. Plus, we’re an approved activity provider for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award and offer a five-day residential stay and cooking course in the heart of the Surrey Hills.

Our team is always especially thrilled to welcome young people who want to hone healthy relationships with food and practise foundational kitchen skills; we take budding chefs aged seven and above in our children’s cookery classes.

For the meat-lovers

We’re lucky enough to be surrounded by excellent suppliers of high-quality game and other types of meat. So, if your idea of heaven is a plate full of juicy, succulent steak or sticky barbecued ribs, we have plenty of options that any meat-lover will adore.

On our butchery course, you’ll be shown how to select and prepare a variety of different meats to ensure you always get the most out of each cut. Plus, our Weber grill essentials courses are packed full of exciting methods to enhance the natural flavours of different meat and fish to create perfectly balanced meals. And of course, no meaty menu would be complete without steak; we host a demo and practical steak and sauces class to teach students how to cook different cuts to their preference.

For those with a sweet tooth

If there’s one thing that’s always guaranteed to go down well with houseguests, it’s having a big pile of sweet treats waiting on arrival!

So, why not learn how to create your own sugary, fragrant creations at home? If you like the idea of having the smell of freshly baked cakes, pastries and biscuits wafting through your house, our cake making and baking class will teach you the tricks of the trade — so you can make show-stopping baked goods whenever you desire.

If you’re already a star baker, our advanced desserts course will equip you with the knowledge to attempt more challenging recipes — such as coconut, black sesame and passionfruit gel or a deconstructed warm chocolate tart. Alternatively, our macaron making course will teach you how to assemble these pillowy and elegant meringue-based confections that make the perfect luxurious gift for friends and family.

For the social butterfly

Whether you’re finally going on that holiday you’ve had to postpone many times over or planning how you’re going to celebrate the main events of 2022, one thing’s for sure: your preparations will probably involve some fantastic food.

Food is often at the heart of thoughtful hospitality, and our cooking courses will ensure you never disappoint your guests.

For those who love a summer barbecue, we can teach you to master the art of grilling all year round on our various Weber Grill Academy courses. And if you’re planning something a little more sophisticated, you can impress your friends and family by discovering how to construct the perfect canapé. Or, why not practise your hosting skills ahead of your next dinner party and expand your repertoire with our advanced cooking classes?

We also have an excellent plant-based cooking course that’ll show you how to prepare a variety of healthy and delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes to ensure you’ll always be able to cater to every guest’s needs.

For the tourists

From the classic flavours of France to aromatic, fresh dishes from Thailand, our chefs are happy to share their expertise and impressive array of global cooking styles with visitors to the school.

Even if you haven’t managed to get away in recent years, we can transport you to destinations around the world through a variety of different cuisines. For example, we can teach you how to recreate your favourite Italian dishes on our Italian cooking masterclass, or you could spend a glorious morning making mouth-watering California rolls and sashimi on our sushi-making course.

Our newest course is all about Japanese ramen and gyoza, brought to you by Cat, who joined us towards the end of last year. Plus, the cookery school hosts the brilliant Hari Ghotra for a comprehensive guide to the joys of Indian cooking one Saturday each month!

We’re always eager to expand our selection of courses. So, if there’s anything you’d like to see from us, contact the team at 01306 730470 or email [email protected] to share your ideas!