Pickling and Fermenting x Willys ACV

£185.00 5 hours 45 minutes

An exciting collaboration with Willys ACV.

Fermentation is the magical process of transforming a food product into something tastier, longer lasting and better for our health. It’s no coincidence that many of our favourite foods are made using fermentation techniques. Wine, cheese, beer and bread all contain complex flavour profiles which stimulate our palates and leave us wanting more.

Fermenting at home allows us to experiment with these interesting flavours as well as preserving waste food and boosting our gut health. It’s no wonder fermentation is fast becoming a popular new hobby for food lovers.



Why ferment?

  • Preserve – This ancient practise has allowed cultures around the world for centuries to preserve fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the winter.
  • Flavour – Fermentation adds a unique tangy sourness to foods that is delicious and marries well with many other flavours.
  • Health benefits- Keeps our gut flora healthy and varied thus aiding our digestive health.
  • As some of the natural sugars and starches have already been broken down, fermented foods are easier to digest and also allow our bodies to absorb nutrients more easily.
  • Shown to improve mood and even symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Consuming fermented foods as part of a healthy, balanced diet also appears to be associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

Extra Information:

  • Lunch will be provided
  • Jars will be provided but you are also welcome to bring your own


Indoor dining area
Outside seating & dining area
Free wifi
Limited onsite parking
Idyllic countryside setting, easily accessible by road & public transport

  • Please note:
    • Limited parking is available on-site. Please bring containers so you can take home any leftovers.
    • If there are 4 or less people on the course we have the right to postpone the course and offer an alternative date.
  • If you have purchased a voucher please contact us at [email protected] to redeem.
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