We’ve been celebrating National BBQ Week in the UK since 1997, making 2022 its 25th anniversary. This annual awareness week highlights the long-term importance of outdoor cooking on a global, national and individual scale.

Our ancestors first learned to cook with fire some 300 thousand years ago — a discovery that was essential to early human survival. Fast-forward to modern civilisation, and it’s clear that this ancient practice has endured and remains at the core of culinary traditions worldwide.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is a barbecue’s ability to bring people together. When pandemic protocols only permitted socially distanced meet-ups, barbecues presented the much-needed opportunity to reconnect with friends and family and regain a sense of normality.

Although lockdown restrictions have now eased, many people still relish the opportunity to spend time outdoors. In fact, according to National BBQ Week, barbecuing and at-home eating is currently the top summer home leisure activity across the nation, as many of us welcome the opportunity to socialise away from computer screens.

So, this National BBQ Week, we encourage you to disconnect from the digital world, reconnect with nature and spend time with your loved ones in the best way we Brits know how…

Cultivate your craft

With more UK families hosting summer barbecues in the wake of lockdowns than ever before and National BBQ Week just around the corner, it’s time to up your grilling game.

Join us at the Weber Grill Academy before BBQ season gets into full swing to amaze your guests and learn a range of new barbecuing skills and recipes. We host a range of specialist barbecue cooking courses in the heart of Abinger, Surrey, using state-of-the-art grilling equipment from Weber.

The Weber brand has been synonymous with quality and innovation since 1952. Its unparalleled experience and ingenuity have gained the company an impressive global reputation as a leader in the industry. This grill and barbecue manufacturer has earned its place among the best in the world by supplying top-of-the-range equipment and helping grilling enthusiasts gain the knowledge needed to make the most of their products.

Whether you’re just trying your hand at barbecuing or have been serving smoky classics for many years, the Weber Grill Academy has a course for you. Our expert chefs are passionate about fire cooking and eager to show students the fantastic range of delicious dishes you can create using a grill — no matter the weather or the season.

With a wide selection of Weber Grill Academy courses designed for people at various levels of cooking experience, all attendees will leave with the core skills and technical understanding needed to host a foodie event to remember.

Discover your new speciality

The Abinger Cookery School hosts several four-hour barbecue cooking classes that have been curated to showcase all the necessary skills students will need to perfect an exciting variety of tasty charcoal and gas barbecue dishes.

For example, our barbecue classics course offers an ideal introduction to barbecuing for anyone looking to refine those crowd-pleasing barbecue staples we all know and love.

Throughout this course, you’ll discover must-have barbecue skills, such as lighting, controlling temperature and how to tell when your food is cooked to perfection. Participants will also prepare an array of barbecue classics — from perfectly browned sausages to extraordinary cheeseburgers — and expand their grilling portfolio with recipes such as homemade lemon garlic and oyster marinade or famous ‘beer can chicken’.

And for those that would like to venture out even further from the standard barbecue fare, our Weber essentials courses are the perfect place to start. Through hands-on demonstrations, attendees will master grilling, roasting and baking skills, including Weber’s famous ‘lid-on’ barbecue technique, and create a surprisingly wide variety of dishes. This course swaps traditional barbecue foods for stonebaked pizza, smoked pork loin and crackling, coal-roasted sweet potatoes and even chocolate molten puddings!

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the often unpredictable English weather. We’re pleased to welcome participants to attend our Weber BBQ courses in our new pergola kitchen, which allows us to accommodate the al-fresco experience no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.

Ready to fire up your imagination at the Weber Grill Academy? Discover our selection of barbecue cooking courses via our website and book your place today.